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What is Interline

What is CT Interline & who can we help?

We’ve come across a lot of hard working airline employees and we’re proud to offer these individuals with employee discounts for travel on other airlines.

Our agency will help you find the cheapest cruise deals or all inclusive destinations at the last minute to anywhere you want, including the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Bahamas, Europe, Alaska and more!

These benefits also include those for the employees’ spouses, parents, dependent children and retirees of the airlines.

An airline employee is defined as an active airline employee of an IATA/ARC appointed airline. Eligibility can vary depending on the individual supplier, but the definition of an Interliner typically includes:

– Active Airline Employee
– Airline Employee’s Spouse
– Airline Employee’s Dependent Children (21 or younger)
– Retired Airline Employee
– Airline Employees Parents and In-Laws**
– Courier Company Employees (such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, Airborne Express, Purolator)
– Non-airline friends and companions are eligible for the interline rate when sharing accommodations with an airline employee

**May be able to travel without the Airline Employee according with each Airlines policy

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